Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Trend spotting: Handwoven wall hangings

A how-to by A Beautiful Mess

I've got the feeling lately that trends in the home decoration and interior world come and go just as fast as those in the fashion madness. Yesterday we had the copper and marble craze, now it's wall hangings. Right, wall hangings. But not the darf dusty persian tapestry that grandma likes to put up on her wall but handmade fringes on wooden sticks that look like they could hang in a teepee.

After spotting those pettable carpets on two blogs, on pinterest and now lately even on my nose really smells a trend here. I even kinda like it, what do you think?
I'm not sure yet if I'll let one of these fuzzy mops move in with me but if I do, it's gonna be handmade. But I guess that's obvious.

Wandbehänge von Hazelandhunter und Hellohydrangea

Wandbehänge von Anthropologie und Hazelandhunter
Wandbehang von Maryanne Moodie


Sunday, September 7, 2014

On The Hunt: Acrylic Office Chair

While flipping through a home magazine recently, I discovered a picture of an office that had a clear acrylic chair as an office chair. It looked very light and modern and I've been keeping an eye out for an affordable acrylic chair ever since. My favorite is the Kartell Ghost Chair, but like with all other designer furniture it's quite expensive. Ikea has a nice one as well (the one in the image above) so if you're looking for a cheaper option too, go check out the Ikea chair.

My quest for the perfect transparent chair isn't over yet but I'll hunt down the perfekt one eventually, I hope.


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